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Meet our Newest Volunteer, Peter!


I am from Derry, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants in the northwest of Ireland. I am currently on a career break from my job as an environmental health officer in the neighbouring county of Donegal. 

In my spare time I love cycling and birdwatching and I often combine both in the form of cycle touring holidays. I particularly enjoy visiting islands and have been lucky enough to cycle in Cuba, and Iceland as well as all over Britain and Ireland. My fascination with islands may stem from the fact that I live on an island on the edge of Europe. 

My interest in nature stems from an early age when I wanted to know the species names of the birds that visited our garden. Now I take part in annual surveys of breeding and wintering birds in Ireland. The combined results from hundreds of volunteers help shape conservation policies. It is exciting to know that a few hours spent on your hobby can have such beneficial impacts. 

I am looking forward to learning how the Madagascar Biodiversity Project and local people work together to enhance biodiversity in Madagascar.