Reforestation Nursery Sites

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Special Thanks to the following Providers:

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Northern Site

Montagne des Français

Montagne des Français Nursery

Central Kianjavato Sites


These nurseries are specifically located between Kianjavato and Vatovavy so we can connect the forest fragments and provide a corridor for animal movement. Our reforestation program has planted over one million trees in this region in the last five years! 

Ambodifandramanana Nursery

Ambohitsara Nursery

Ambolotara Nursery

Kianjavato Nursery

KAFS – Denver Nursery

KAFS – Conservation Endowment Fund Nursery

 Irwin Andrew Porter Fotobohitra Nursery

Morarano Nursery

Marilyn McCormick Vatovavy Nursery

Southern Site


Lavavolo Nursery