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MBP Volunteer Reflections

by Bailey Arnold

Madagascar was a little intimidating in the beginning, but it has allowed me to grow in so many ways. I just completed my first semester in college, but this experience has allowed me to stick out from the other students. I am not afraid to go and try new things, in fact I have joined the UNL Women’s Hockey team without any experience. I am not afraid to ask questions or talk to someone that I don’t know. This experience also inspired me to pursue a degree related to field work. It allowed me to grow in my interests and refine my degree at UNL. I will forever be grateful that MBP allowed me to be a part of their conservation work.


After the unforgettable opportunity in Madagascar, I have looked at life differently. It is amazing how much you can appreciate the little things when you give yourself time to see it. I have always enjoyed nature, but through this experience I was able to slow down the speed I take in life. By slowing down, I can learn to notice more of the little things and have the time to be more appreciative of the things I see in front of me. This is a habit I have tried to incorporate into my life once I got back home. It is amazing how much this new habit can change your perspective on life.