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Hi, my name is Andreas and I come from Denmark. In august 2021 I graduated my education as Animal Keeper, specializing in animals in zoos. I have been working 3 years in a Danish zoo with a great variety of species and there I got a special interest in lemurs. After having graduated I then did a 6-month Erasmus Pro internship in a zoo in The Netherlands. There I spent a lot of my time on the lemur department and got a lot of experience and knowledge about lemurs.


Protecting nature and its wild animals means a lot to me, so I would therefore like to experience nature conservation projects in the field, firsthand. Protecting animals and their habitats in the wild was what brought me in to working in zoos. I would like to gain more knowledge about nature conservation in Madagascar and later use this knowledge when educating visitors about protecting lemurs and other endangered species.

In my spare time I like the outdoors and to go birdwatching. I also have a big passion for traveling and visiting Madagascar has been a dream for many years. I am looking very much forward to experience the unique nature of Madagascar, to meet the Malagasy people and make a difference for lemur conservation together with the MBP.