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Masy has been concerned by the lack of females around the greater Torotorofotsy area. He has heard about internet dating and would like us to create a profile for him. Here’s his bio. He originally talked about walking hand in spindly hand, but I told him that was just too much.



“I live in the highly desirable Torotorofotsy neighborhood abounding with natural resources. I enjoy taking long walks at night and looking at the stars. I appreciate culinary delights such as the challenging ramy seeds and I would happily share them with the right partner.  From the rips in my ears you may think of me as a brute, but once you get to know me you’ll find that I have a gentler side. Some ladies have been star struck as I have taken center stage at conferences and I have a small, but dedicated staff of humans. However, I’ll always make the time for that special someone. If you’d like to meet for a grub or two, just find my field team and I’ll be there.”


Thanks for helping him,

Dr. Frasier

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