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We’re excited to introduce our newest volunteer to the field, Steven! His time in Madagascar will be spent with the prolemur simus team, monitoring their activities and behaviors. Steven will be starting Veterinary Medical School in the fall and decided to gain some more field experience before hand. Learn more about him in his Intro Blog below!



























“Hello! My Name is Steven originally from Goffstown New Hampshire.  However, I have spent the last five years of my life studying Biology at Carroll College and living in Helena Montana.  While I was in Montana, I competed as a decathlete and hurdler for Carroll’s’ NAIA collegiate Track and Field team.  During my time at Carroll, I spend much of my time hiking, and skiing around the magnificent Rocky Mountains.  As I explored Montana, I progressed my career by doing undergraduate research on North American Pikas (O. princeps), and working in a veterinary hospital. This fall I will continue to peruse my dream career of working with the animal kingdom as I begin Veterinary Medical School.  I am very excited to contribute to the Madagascar Biodiversity Project, explore a new part of the world, and work with unique and rare species of lemurs.”