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  Jan 8, 2018             Introduction Blog written by Hope

Introducing our newest Volunteer, Hope!

Hi I’m Hope.

I’m from Cheshire, United Kingdom. I’ve been passionate about animals from a young age. My passion for animals and conservation led me to study an Environmental Science BSC from Oxford Brookes University and then an MSC in Zoo Conservation Biology at Plymouth University.

For my Masters I carried out a research project at Dao Tien, Endangered Asian Species Trust (EAST), Vietnam, where I was for 2 months. The project was assessing changes in behaviour with the golden-cheeked gibbon using different feeding methods to reduce human contact. Dao Tien is an island in the middle of the national park surrounded by forest, the only people living on the island were the manager, myself and the three other researchers, plus the animals.

Since finishing my degrees I have a volunteered for numerous animal charities including; PDXWildlife researching the breeding behaviour of giant pandas in China, Wild Futures looking after rescued monkeys from the pet trade. Most recently at Peak Wildlife Park where I worked with captive lemurs.

I’m excited to be able to work with the black and white ruffed lemurs, that I have previously worked with, and the opportunity to work with a new species, the greater bamboo lemur.