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   Jan 9, 2017             Introduction Blog written by Ian

Introducing our newest Volunteer, Ian!

Hello!  My name is Ian and I’m from Prince Edward Island, Canada.  PEI is a small province on the east coast of Canada with only about 150,000 residents.  Perhaps the only similarity between PEI and Madagascar is that they are both islands.  We have long, cold winters with relatively short but beautiful summers.  A large part of PEI culture involves fishing and farming; lobster and potatoes are our claims to fame.

I earned my degree in wildlife conservation because I love nature and its wonders, but also as a means of better understanding the impact humans have on the planet.  I’ve seen how our own agriculture, forestry, and fisheries have changed our small home, on top of the changes to the global climate, so I feel obligated to get involved in some way.  I’ve worked with local watershed groups and government doing stream and riparian habitat enhancement, water sanitation surveys, and as a wildlife technician.

While I’m not working I like to play sports like hockey, dodgeball, and disc golf.  I’ve recently started going to a rock climbing gym with some friends and it feels like I’ve discovered some muscles I never knew I had. Hiking and camping are also some of favourite hobbies.  However, PEI is probably the safest place on Earth for outdoor activities.  We have no venomous snakes, dangerous insects short of bees and wasps, or large predators. 

Living in a tropical jungle will be at least slightly different experience, eh?  I’m beyond excited to arrive in Madagascar to see and learn everything I can!