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We are excited to introduce our newest MBP volunteer, Lutchmee! She will be joining our Reforestation Team later this month! 


Hi there! I’m Lutchmee and I love spending time in nature…the wilder the better! Growing up in a village in Mauritius, I’ve grown very fond of the endemic forests and wildlife which are unfortunately endangered due to invasive plants. I am determined to restore as much of the endemic habitat as I can to bring back the endemic wildlife of Mauritius. I will be doing a restoration experiment in Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius in December before I embark on a much awaited journey in Madagascar with the MBP team.

I recently graduated with a BSc in Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto, Canada, and had the amazing opportunity to gain invaluable lab and field experience for the last 2 years.

Madagascar is so close to home, and yet it feels so exotic. The land of lemurs promises to be full of adventures that I can’t wait for. One of my favourite trees is the baobab and it’s my dream to visit the Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar. I look forward to learning important new skills that I can apply to future projects. I am also very excited to learn a whole new language, culture and meet incredible people who are as devoted to conservation as I am! Thank you MBP for giving me this amazing opportunity to contribute to the important work that you do and getting invaluable experience.