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Please welcome one of our newest volunteer, Eric !  He will be heading off to Madagascar NEXT WEEK (Just him…not his cat) and will joining our Prolemur simus team! We are excited to have him join our team and cannot wait for him to experience the amazing Madagascar!

Intro Bio:

Hello! My name is Eric, and I’m from the outskirts of Chicago. While I was growing up, I had a particular fondness for wildlife that was further developed by several years I spent volunteering at the Brookfield Zoo. I went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Environmental Studies from Northland College, a small school tucked away in the northwoods of Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior. Since then I have endeavored to take part in as many wildlife research and conservation projects as possible. Last year I spent two months collecting data on the wildlife of the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana, and last winter I spent six months on a remote island in the Pacific called Johnston Atoll. While I was there I monitored the seabird colonies nesting there as well as conducting marine surveys and working towards the eradication on an invasive species of ant infesting the island.

When I’m not out participating in wildlife surveys and conservation works, I have a particular passion for board games. I have a fairly sizable collection and any of my friends will attest that I will always have at least one on hand to play when we’re all hanging out. I like them because they bring people together, and some of my fondest memories on any project are when I gather my friends and coworkers around the table to share an evening playing games.