Welcome Eve!
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The MBP is happy to introduce one our newest incoming volunteers, Eve! She will be joining the Prolemur simus monitoring team later this month. We are extremely excited to have her on board!


Intro Bio:

“Hi, I’m Eve. I’m originally from Lancaster in the UK, but I’ve spent the last year near London completing my MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. My research focused on conservation leadership, and while I have loved every second, I can’t wait to get stuck into some more practical fieldwork.

My first degree was in Zoology, and throughout my education I’ve spent as much time as possible building up experience. This has included 3 months working with African penguins in Cape Town, numerous placements at zoos and desk-based work at the Zoological Society of London and for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

My love and fascination for Madagascar has existed for as long as I can remember, and it’s been a life-long ambition to experience the country in a way that makes a significant contribution to its conservation. I’m really looking forward to supporting the work of the MBP, getting familiar with the Malagasy culture and experiencing the diversity of species found there.”