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Besides all the other amazing things the MBP does in Madagascar, we have recently built aquaponic units in the MBP head office (in Tana) as well as in the Lavavolo nursery. I am including some of the recent construction pictures and a very short video of the Paratilapia acquired!

Here is an email the accompanied the video from our “very flowerful” Dr. Frasier. If you know her, you know she has an enjoyable way with words. If she wrote a book, I would read it and highly recommend it!


“Hi Everyone,

I am uploading a video of the fish to DropBox. Sadly, I couldn’t get portraits of each one, they wouldn’t stay still. In fact, a video was my only option due to their infernal darting. I am referring to them by the collective name of the Murgatroids, as in “Heavens to Murgatroid!” In total, there are 12 Murgatroids. In this video you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with 8. The other 4 are separate and doggedly refusing to be photogenic. Over the past day and a half I replaced some of the water in their bucket with water from the aquaponics system. In the end, about half their water was replaced. Now, the Murgatroids are floating in the middle IBC in their zip-lock to become accustomed to the temperature difference. They’ll be released at the end of the work day today.

There were a few stray mustard greens that broke ranks in Alain’s strictly arranged vegetable garden. I teased them out of the soil rinsed the roots and put them in the first grow bed. We’ll see what happens. I talked to Hoby about finding some larger plants for the units tomorrow.




Click here to meet the “Murgatroides”