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For MBP to reach its lofty goal of planting a million trees in the Kianjavato landscape, we’ve been ramping up our activities in a number of important ways. MBP and the Kianjavato community designated numerous sites for the tree satellite nurseries. MBP also hired local residents to assist with the project, such as participating the lemur monitoring program and also collect seed-ladened lemur fecal samples. Not only do these samples provide the source material for vital lemur genetic studies, the seed are the foundation for our reforestation program. Other residents have been hired on to work as satellite nursery managers, who sort these seeds and germinate them in “hot boxes” in the nurseries, and care for the seedlings until they can be transplanted into the landscape.

OHDZA and MBP have been recently awarded a number of grants to help support the reforestation effort. With this financial support, we’re constructing a number of satellite nurseries using a new design that uses metal frames set in concrete and shade cloth. This design is meant to withstand the harsh climate of Kianjavato and its intense annual cyclone season. Here are some photos of the new nurseries that can house about 30,000 trees each.








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