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On behalf of International Women’s Day, we’d like to spotlight on Fara!

Fara is the head Assistant at MBP’s Antaretra Nursery and she has been employed with the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership for over a year and a half.

As a Nursery Assistant Fara tends to all of the Nurseries daily needs. Fara’s responsibilities are important and without her daily upkeeping, it merely wouldn’t exist. Her role is essential to our reforestation program and plays a major part in restoring lemur habitats.

When Fara isn’t working, she’s busy at home providing for and raising her two children. Her main priority is to make sure both her children go to college. And as of now, she is on track to getting them there, thanks to her position with the MBP. 

As one of Madagascar’s very few working women (outside of the city), Fara’s determination to provide for her family is an inspiration to all women, around the world.  And for that, today is for her!