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Blog by MBP Volunteer, Katherine




Since arriving in Madagascar, many teachers and friends have reached out to me to speak to their students about conservation, lemurs, and endangered species protection. I’ve received countless emails with questions about MBP’s work here in Madagascar and my role as a volunteer research assistant. It’s wonderful to see teachers and students excited about issues; as all conservationists know, spreading awareness and educating the public is critical for any sort of progress. Sherri Johnson, a third grade teacher at Talbot Hill Elementary School, and her students have been especially proactive. Together, they organized an event called Laps for Lemurs, where students collected pledges per lap walked or ran. Families and teachers contributed to the cause, and the money raised was donated to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership. With teachers and students like these, we can hope for many future conservation scientists!

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