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Please welcome another one of our newest volunteers, Montana. She will heading off to Madagascar this month and will be joining the Prolemur simus Monitoring Team. We are excited for her to utilize her research skills while learning and experiencing the world’s most important biodiversity hotspot.

Hello! My name is Montana. I am a 22 year old from California. I have received my Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies this past June at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am currently taking a gap year to gain experience with a variety of ecological programs before I begin applying for a Masters program.

During my education at University, I interned with a marine lab on campus working with subtidal arthropods. Major task included species identification, separation and cataloging. With this lab I worked as a lab technician monitoring the intertidal impact of the Refugio Oil spill of 2015. I also have experience working with transplanting, removal and identification of invasive riparian species. I hope to gain more experience with terrestrial flora and fauna species in order to have a better understanding of which biome I would like to further specialize my education in.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the region’s biodiversity and about the endangered lemur species.