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From Ryan, a 201-12 MBP Varecia monitoring team volunteer



The part I love most about my job working in Kianjavato is that every day holds the potential to see and experience something totally new and unique that I would never find anywhere else.  Each day as you walk through the jungle, there are always new plants and animals waiting to be seen. Regardless of how bad of a mood I may be in, or how difficult the lemurs are being, I know that seeing a Uroplatus (leaf-tailed gecko) will brighten my day because of how cool and incredible they look. Or finding a brilliantly colored paradise-flycatcher and his mate take care of a nest or finding a neon green frog smaller than my pinky nail, the sights are endless. And if that wasn’t enough, just watching the baby lemurs play, learn, and essentially grow up before your very own eyes, I know that I have been blessed with this chance to work in Madagascar.


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