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Blog by MBP Reforestation Volunteer, Danielle


Photo courtesy of Danielle!


It has been just short of 3 weeks since I started my position with the reforestation team at the Kianjavato Ahmanson Field Station and in this short space of time I feel I have achieved a lot! My first month has involved a lot of learning, not only the names of the team I’m working with, or the villages and tree nurseries I’m visiting, but also the variety of saplings being grown. Getting to grips with Tsily, which is a pioneer species of tree, used to provide shade for other less tolerant species, has baby pink leaves for the first few weeks of its life, Enga, which has distinctive ‘Pacman’ shaped leaves and Acacia, which has two types of leaf, but changes these as it matures; have been relatively easy to remember. Kafe (or coffee) and Bonary are proving to be a little more challenging, there are different subspecies and some look similar, but are totally different. It’s a challenge, but I’m getting there …

I have also participated in planting the saplings at various sites, which has been an absolutely incredible experience. Hiking to plant sites along steep trails, looking out at some amazing views, helping to create corridors in this fragmented landscape and, if that wasn’t enough, I get to watch lemurs too!! 3 weeks have flown by, I’m looking forward to what the next 5 months bring….

Danielle 🙂

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