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 July 19, 2017           Interview From the Field


New Nursery Manager Shares His Inspiring Story

Berthin and his two boys reside in the small village of Vintanona, the total population is about 200 people. He is a family-man and wants nothing but the best for his boys. He feels that it is very important for his boys to grow up with a proper education. Unfortunately, finding work and raising your family isn’t always easy in this small Malagasy community.

Both of his children go to school in Ambolotara Village, which is a long walk from home. The distance makes it difficult, so Berthin has no choice but to pay for their stay in Ambolotara for the week. “The situation is difficult, but education is important,” says Berthin. And while they are away at school, he works so he can pay for their food, education, lodging, etc.  But recently he explains things became more difficult and finding work was impossible. That is until he was introduced to an amazing opportunity with the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership

As part of the recent efforts to expand their reforestation program, the MBP built ten new nurseries near the Vavtovavy Corridor. One being in the Vintanona Village, where Berthin was hired as the new Nursery Manager! And after being introduced to the concept of composting, Berthin became the first manager at a remote nursery to fill his compost bins. He has even passed on his this new concept to his fellow community members, who are now using this technique in their gardens too!d

Berthin tells us he is thankful for his new job, his children are now back to school and he’s working to better his community. He wants to help replant the beautiful forest that used to be on Vavtovay mountain, which can be seen from his home.

He wants to see the reforestation program grow and he wants to be a part of it!