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  May 22, 2017            Introduction Blog written by Carolina

Introducing our newest volunteer, Carolina!

My name is Carolina and I am originally from Brazil. I hold a degree in Ecology from São Paulo State University (Brazil). I have worked for 4 years on projects in my country that involved conservation initiatives such as forest restauration and flora and fauna surveys. I have been focusing on improving my conservation knowledge aiming to positively influence policy makers in my country. With this in mind, I moved abroad 2 years ago to improve my English skills and expand my conservation expertise. In pursuit of these paths, I came across the volunteer program in OHDZA / MBP which I am sure that would contribute effectively to enhance my knowledge on management of threatened species. I believe that we are all somehow connected and together we can promote a strong commitment to conservation, incentivising and promoting sustainable development through sound environmental practices in such biodiverse countries. I am looking forward to be part of the MBP team and contribute as much as I can to achieve the program goals.