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  June 5, 2017             Introduction Blog written by Caroline

Caroline Blog

Introducing our newest Volunteer, Caroline!

Hello! My name is Caroline Wilford and I just graduated with a B.S. in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Iowa. After my summer with MBP, I am planning on continuing my education at Austin Peay State University with a Master’s Degree in Biology.

Of the courses I took at Iowa, some of my favorites were immersion based field courses. I already had a strong affinity towards the outdoors, but these courses strengthened my confidence that having a field-based research career was the right path for me. I hope that my time volunteering with MBP will yield the same results, and will help build my skills of teamwork and communication- which will be essential as a wildlife researcher. I’m also looking forward to staying in a country I’ve never travelled to and to further shape my view of the world by interacting with new cultures and ways of life.