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  Aug 3, 2017             Introduction Blog written by Megan

Introducing our newest Volunteer, Megan!

During my undergraduate studies in anthropology, I had the opportunity to take part in Field School in Belize for 1 month.  We studied the behavioural patterns of Alouatta Pigra (Howler monkeys) and their feeding habits.  Prior to this, I went to South Africa with a “Volunteerism” program that saw me working at the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre where I was asked to prepare food for the animals, and did enclosure and site maintenance.  Beyond these trips I have had the good fortune to travel recreationally throughout Europe, parts of Africa and Latin America.

This volunteership program will allow me to apply what I learned in my undergraduate program, give me valuable field experience, and great preparation for future academic pursuits.

Also, its in Madagascar, who wouldn’t want to go there?