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  Oct 2,  2017             Introduction Blog written by Eliana

Welcoming Eliana to Madagascar!

Hello! My name is Eliana and I am an early-career conservation biologist. I am originally from San Diego, California. I got my degree in Biology at San Diego State University and learned to love conservation research.

From trapping kangaroo rats to hiking through fields of cactus for night lizards, I, like many other biologists, had found the perfect field to explore, learn and contribute to a larger cause. Intrigued by human-wildlife relationships, I also spent the summer of 2015 in northern Botswana to work with WildlifeACT. The crew, community and wildlife was extraordinary, but also taught me about conservation challenges I never had in the States. I decided then that human-wildlife conflict, and all its complexities, would be the focal point of my future work. I had an opportunity to join the California Condor Recovery Program’s team after graduation. While there, I saw dedicated organizations and communities converging on conservation efforts.

As I join the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership, I am motivated to promote research and education on the Greater Bamboo lemurs in Madagascar. Undoubtedly, the experience will test my impressions of conservation further and refine my practical ability to conserve wildlife. I look forward to the challenges and growth ahead.