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  Beautiful water scenes in Madagascar


There are many celebrations and holidays in Madagascar. The people here love any excuse to celebrate and relax. And why not? After working so hard day after day in the rice paddies and plantations, they deserve the break!

April 12 was International Water Day. So, of course there were activities to be seen and had. The day started off with a massive parade straight through downtown Kianjavato. All the local villages and children from the surrounding schools participated. Many of the children were sporting costumes made from thin colorful pieces of plastic to look like flowers and the women from the villages wore matching lambas. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion. MBP joined in on the parade as well and were seen wearing a combination of MBP and Lemur-rama t-shirts which had been distributed from past events. I was surprised and impressed to see some camera crews from the big city in Kianjavato who were there to record the festivities. I was not expecting this day to be as big as it was!

The parade pasted through Kianjavato and ended in the football field on the west side of town. On the field there was a stage set up. There were speakers present who talked about the importance of water to the community and life here in Madagascar. There ere informative booths for people to visit. Some of the children from the local schools put on a “water dance” to celebrate this special day. Everyone crowed around to see and there were over several hundred people present on the field. It was definitely something to behold!

The day turned out to be really hot. I, unfortunately, retired from the festivities early. I was told that after the dances and speakers there were some games played by the children and a cocktail/juice get-together for the adults at the school. The rest of the day was spent by most relaxing and socializing with friends and family. Later that evening there was a ball/dance in Kianjavato.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations! For it being an International Holiday, I wonder why Canada does not celebrate it as well? Water is important to everyone’s life, no matter where you live. We should take the day to appreciate it!

So, Happy Belated Water Day Everyone!

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