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Intro blog by MBP Volunteer, Brittney




In only 3 days I will be flying off to Madagascar to meet up with everyone on the MBP! It doesn’t feel quite real yet and it probably won’t until I actually step foot on Malagasy soil. The past couple of weeks have been filled with many family/friend visits and also packing, reducing,  repacking, realizing I forgot something, running to buy more gear and repeat. Oh, and also soaking up the wee bit of sun the Great White North is finally experiencing! I have also been sharpening up the few French skills I have and reading up on Madagascar which is making me super excited to experience their unique flora and fauna and culture! I am also itching to get started on the reforestation project! Over my university career, I was very animal-focused. I  am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and learning about the plant side of things. But for now, I need to finish packing! Wish me luck!


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