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Getting Ready for the Field

Screaming with excitement!


Reading Hilary’s blog was comforting. Someone from the other side of the world was having the exact same thoughts as me and was receiving the exact same reaction from friends and colleagues. “Oh my god, you’re moving to Madagascar? It will be just like the movie!” Ummm, probably not quite like that, but close enough.

One month is not a long time to pack up your life and get organised to move somewhere that you have never been. The amount of things I have got done in this time is amazing (if only I was normally so efficient) – packed up my house, bought supplies and what seems like an obscene amount of medications/toiletries (I have to keep reminding myself I need 6 months worth), quit my job (eek) and have been making sure to leave time to catch up with friends and family. Working up until the day before I fly out was an interesting choice!

Going to get my vaccinations was an experience, particularly for someone who is a bit of a wuss when it comes to needles. On top of the vaccinations I needed for Madagascar I also had to get vaccinations that I probably should have had about 10 years ago. And I found out that Australia had run out of Rabies vaccinations just when I needed them – how convenient. Must control desire to touch animals … must not get rabies!

I have discovered that I am the first volunteer to not have bought a return ticket! I wonder if the MBP is worried they will be stuck with me forever? I am looking forward to my lack of plans after the 6 months – to head over to mainland Africa for some exploring, go to Mauritius to relax (and probably spend a solid week in the shower), or to head home and see my newborn niece?

I have been so busy organising everything that it’s only every now and then that I actually stop and think about what I’m doing. I imagine being in Madagascar, being in a completely different environment, seeing amazing unique wildlife that is nowhere else in the world, being immersed in a culture completely different to my own … and I just about to scream with excitement!


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