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Representatives from MBP-OHDZA attended the recent 2012 Great Plains Summer Field Day, hosted by Oak Prairie Nursery and Estates, just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. The event brought together people with a knack for growing plants, including botanists and arborists, as well as nursery and landscape professionals. Papio Valley Nursery Inc was gracious in sponsoring the MBP-OHDZA to enable us share stories and ideas about our reforestation program in Madagascar.

Key attractions at the MBP-OHDZA booth were our beloved fuel-efficient rocket stove and video of our community-supported tree nurseries in Kianjavato. Also popular were the adorable oak seedlings, all of which were collected from the grounds of the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo or the Rosenblatt Stadium, and germinated and cared for by Papio Valley Nursery. The stadium, which had been the historic home of the NCAA College World Series since 1950, was slated for demolition in August 2012. The seedlings provide fans with their own piece of history while also contributing the reforestation efforts underway in Kianjavato.

The 2012 Great Plains Summer Field Day was fun, and we’re grateful for being able to participate. We must thank the wonderful folks at Papio Valley Nursery Inc for sponsoring our booth at the event, as well as for growing up the oak seedlings that were used to help fundraise for the Kianjavato reforestation program. We also must thank OHDZA’s Horticultural guru, Terri G., for making the connections and whole-heartedly believing in our efforts in Madagascar. You all are fantastic!

We look forward to participating in the winter conference in February 2013!


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