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  May 22, 2017             Introduction Blog written by Chiara

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Introducing our newest Volunteer, Chiara!

“Hello, my name is Chiara. I am 21 years old from Rome, Italy. I graduated last year in London with a BSc in Zoology, during which I also studied in the field the habitats and wildlife of the coastal environments of Scotland, the mountains, and rivers of Croatia and the savannah of South Africa. In October I will go back to England for an MSc in Conservation. This year I’ve been working at a farm and at a wildlife rescue centre in Rome, as well as visiting and learning more about the projects run at Zakouma National Park in Chad. I have a great passion for open air activities and traveling. I practice many outdoor sports, such as snowboarding, kitesurfing, cycling and rock climbing. I have traveled in many different countries since my early years and have experienced different natural environments. From snowy landscapes of Bosnia to the green islands of Croatia, from the spectacular valleys of Cappadocia to the Jordanian desert, from tropical forests to the wide oceanic beaches of West Africa, the wildlife reserves in South Africa and the sahel climate in Chad. My degree will hopefully allow me to put together the two things I love the most: animals and traveling and make a living out of it! I am very excited to experience the unique wildlife of Madagascar and give my contribution to preserve it.”