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Blog by MBP Volunteer, Adam

Farewell, Adam

As I finally leave KAFS, my home for the past half a year, I find myself thinking more and more about the incredible people that make KAFS what it is. For all the wildlife we see around the station and during work in the forest, some of the best characters are found right at home. The day-to-day life at KAFS is filled with a series of marvelous personalities that help make the place truly what it is. The cooks Christine and Nadia are always there with greetings in the morning, as are their respective and ever-playful assistants Rodin and Herman. When preparing my own terrible cooking back home, I will remember them all wistfully. You can usually catch the drivers, Dze-dze and Dauphin, hanging out in the kitchen as well, and you can always shoot them an “Inona vaovao?” when their not on their busy driving schedules. No KAFS recollection is complete without mentioning the ever-joyous groundskeeper Dominic, chicken and turkey shepherd extraordinaire. You can hear his laugh from across KAFS, and herding chickens with him is a memory I will definitely cherish. The weekend groundskeeper Andrino always has a warm-handshake for you when you finally make your way down the hill after a weekend lie-in. And, of course, there is Fredo, the bugosse with the most, always ready to dance after a long week of community liason-ing. This is nowhere near the complete list of the KAFS crew, and everyone you meet at KAFS is worthy of a story or two. KAFS is a special place, and it’s the people who work there that make it that way.For incoming volunteers, I hope to pass on the message that what may stick with you most about your time at KAFS may not be the work you do as much as the people you do it with.