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Photo courtesy of Dr. Louis


The rain has officially come to the eastern rain forest of Madagascar. Two days ago we definitely had some of the hardest rain I have experienced out here to date. The official start of the rainy season is mid-November and just continues on for a while. This last rain storm managed to soak half my tent and half my clothes which were outside which made for a nice morning greeting for me. After this, I decided to get creative with mitigating this egregious affront by Mother Nature on my humble abode. I went into Kianjavato and bought a couple rice bags and used some of the string I brought to piece together a curtain which pulls across the window. One aspect of the rainstorms which is particularly exhilarating is the thunder and lightning which comes with it. I just recently moved up to the tent sites at the top of the hill and have discovered we have an amazing view of the surrounding area. When the lightning strikes, we get a sweet view of the landscape and observe the lightning brightening the whole area with giant sudden burst of radiance. On a couple of occasions now we have had lightning strike on top of the hill where we stay; because of this, we make a point to hunker down when the storms start rolling in. Overall, I will say that it is been quite an exhilarating display of weather over here.

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