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The MBP is pleased to introduce Larissa to our Prolemur simus monitoring team! She will be joining the team in July 2016. We are excited to have her on board! 🙂

intro photo

Intro Bio:


“Hello, I’m Larissa, I’m from Manchester in the UK. I have always been a lover of animals since a young age and a lover of the outdoors since attending the university of Cumbria with in the British lake district in which I spent a lot of time exploring the nearby mountains, lakes and woodlands. I Graduated in 2014 with a BSc degree in animal conservation science. As a part of my studies I spent some time in The Gambia, Africa, where I worked on a camera trapping project in 2 Gambian nature reserves for my field studies module. My time in the Gambia gave me a great passion for conservation field work which has given me a desire to work on similar projects in the future.

Since graduating I have lived in Australia for 3 months working on a farm and exploring the Australian bush. I have also worked as an intern primate keeper for 3 months at Blackpool zoo, and as a volunteer keeper at Lakeland wildlife oasis where I have been working very closely with a range of species including lemurs. I recently returned from a 1 month trip traveling around Slovakia and Hungary in Europe for conservation purposes. This included: partaking in conservation work on nature reserves, carrying out amphibian and reptile surveys at a range of sites and collecting data for a research project on the genetics of amphibians.

I am currently working at a farm park as an animal keeper and am very much looking forward to gaining more field work experience in conservation and to work with lemurs in the wild.”


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