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  Dec 10, 2018            Introduction Blog written by Kristina

Introducing our newest Volunteer, Kristina!

Hello, my name is Kristina. I just graduated with an Environmental Science degree from Stockton University in New Jersey. Since I was a young girl, I’ve been working with horses. I’ve always been fascinated by interpreting animal behavior and I want to gain more knowledge on endangered species so that I can make an impactful contribution to animal conservation.

As the wilds of the world are shrinking, I feel that research on endangered animals is important, so that we can better understand them and the role they play in their ecosystems. I feel that a deeper understanding of them can help to preserve and restore their essential habitats.

Furthering my education is something I look forward to doing, but what branch of conservation I want to dedicate my life to is unclear. I find myself enthralled by many unusual animal species and it’s hard for me to zoom in on just one!  Africa is teeming with unusual animals and one group sticks out to me, the iconic lemurs of Madagascar.

By volunteering on this project, I hope to further develop my path. I am extremely privileged to say that I will soon be joining the greater bamboo lemur research team. During this project, I will also be working closely with the local community on habitat restoration projects. I am excited to contribute all that I have to offer to this project while immersing myself in new culture. Kianjavato, I’ll see you soon!