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Blog from MBP Volunteer, Abby

A few isolated incidents over the past few months have highlighted to us how fantastic the MBP team is in Kianjavato. While frightening at the time, looking back makes all of us proud of how close the community is. In Ambalahosy (the village closest to KAFS) a few months ago we heard a huge bang, and word quickly got around that there had been a taxi-brousse accident. On visiting the area I realised just how many of our team members were involved in helping people hurt or in shock – members of the nursery team, aye-aye team and Simus team were all aiding in clearing the vehicle, getting victims clear of the road, and all done without a thought for themselves. Without the sort of emergency services we are accustomed to back home, the community really pulls together when there is an emergency of any kind, no matter who’s involved. It seems people will go out of their way to help automatically, rather than turning a blind eye – an example with a happier ending happened only a few days ago after we were all returning from the field. One of the Simus guides, Theoluc, quickly spotted some ladies gathered around a woman on the road and we soon realised she’d just given birth on the way home from Kianjavato! The whole team instantly mobilised and we got the mother and newborn to hospital where she could get the help she needed. Once again the response was automatic, and we were again proud of a team that could pull together whenever needed. We see our teams doing a fantastic job working together in the field every day, but these incidents show how capable and generous the MBP staff really are



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