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Our partner-in-education, Susie from Conservation Fusion had a genius idea make the walls of the Lavavolo Dream School out of reused plastic bottles filled by the local community with trash. Alas, it was going to be hard to get the bottle there and to find enough trash to fill 6000 bottles. So she built the school like normal people do. After talking about creating a school with bottle walls and the MBP’s need to isolate the KAFS building, which was structure is primarily metal containers, our very own volunteer, Hilary Hamilton, suggested we used the plastic bags leftover from our reforestation program to fill bottles.


It was a great idea since we had been burning the plastic, so we are going green on all fronts, plus the KAFS building will be much cooler (and warmer). Lots of people’s brains contributed to this project and with its construction. Dr. Louis reports that he’s not sure how many plastic bottles will be needed to insulate the entire building, but it is providing commerce to the people in Antananarivo at the market and locally around the Manakambahiny fokontany, as they are collecting and selling them to us at the office as well. 🙂