Volunteer in Madagascar


Participate in this one of a kind opportunity, a chance to gain knowledge and experience the much needed conservation efforts of Madagascar’s endangered species. Become immersed in the Malagasy culture while working with local guides, staff and community members in Kianjavato! 


Volunteer Roles

As a volunteer, you will need to operate as project manager – tasks such as data collection standardization; ensuring the team is on track to reach final goals; compile data into reports; addressing and/or reporting any personnel issues; handle weekly/ monthly funds for the particular project; prepare budget reports; evaluate the functionality of the tasks at hand; compile and submit reports regarding field data, making interpretations as necessary and to be proactive in responding to requests from OHDZA.

Ultimately, the goal of the volunteer program is to improve communication between the field efforts and office staff in both Antananarivo and Omaha. 

Volunteers Wanted for 2019

We are currently seeking qualified and highly-motivated research assistants in southeastern Madagascar

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Serious about Volunteering with us?

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